Every embroidery and screenprinting order is unique. We work closely with you to ensure that we produce each order to your standards and satisfaction. We communicate by email and telephone and send you artwork and photos during the process.

Because our process is customized for each order, the time required to ship an order is also highly variable, and we will work with you to set a deadline we can meet. All work is done in-house. and we have several suppliers who provide a wide variety of apparel and head wear brand names and styles.

Embroidered tiger

Here is an example of a typical workflow.

  1. You communicate your idea.
    You send us either camera-ready art files or some kind of rough artwork that shows what you have in mind, like a photo or sketch. Or, you choose from our supply of stock designs.
  2. If necessary, we work with a graphic designer to polish the design.
  3. You choose the garments or other fabric items on which you want the design embroidered or screenprinted. You can ask for a specific brand, color, and style, or you can just tell us the style and color you want and we will look for the best quality and best price for you.
  4. We provide you with a quote for your job.
  5. Once you have approved the design and the price quote, we do the work. We generally require two weeks to complete this part of the process but can sometimes expedite orders. We have fulfillled orders for stock designs in as little as three days. However, our speed is affected by many factors and so must be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

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